5 Keys To Perpetual Career Success for the Creative


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Raeeka Yaghmai is an expert empowerment coach for fellow artists and creatives who are looking to lead their most passionate and successful life. At Creating with Confidence, she works with professionals at all stages of their careers and across disciplines. She helps her clients to get out of the own way, access their inner confidence so they can live their passion and take their talent and career to the next level.



  • How to walk confidently into an audition, interview or An introductory session with your new client and give your BEST ever performance or presentation [over and over again] and seal the deal.
  • How to deflect rejection and handle a competitive field.
  • How to handle the negative thoughts (for good) that hold you back from succeeding.
  • How to reveal your unique distinction which is your artistic trademark, your uniqueness, the
    one that attracts the clients that will pay you big $ just to work with YOU and refer YOU.
  • How to enjoy creative satisfaction while satisfying the jury, your audience or clients – WIN-WIN!
  • How to stop tiptoe-ing around difficult situations and start inspiring and leading others to all
    get on the same page, and get their individual needs met, which means getting paid and getting
    referrals more and more because you are awesome to work with.
  • How to impress audition panels, clients and your colleagues by your charisma, confidence and
    groundedness and make just the impression you intend to make and even take it further, inspire them to say YES without much hesitation.

Bottom line is that you will have the basic framework to step into your confidence, feel respected and creatively satisfied, and as a result attract just the right people to create your dream career with out needing to move mountains.


    Where I’ll walk you through the tool-rich blueprint to help you put your knowledge into action
  2. 5 Coaching Calls
    You’ll get to ask me questions and coach around your day-to-day situations you need support with, or work together to create more of what you want.
  3. A recording of all of the content and coaching calls
    So you don’t have to worry about missing anything.
  4. A copy of the action guide
    That would walk you through all the skills in the course

If you can’t be on a call live (content or coaching) you’ll receive a recording of the replay.
For the coaching calls, you can email me your question and I’ll respond to it on the coaching calls

Schedule for 5-Week Tele-course:

All times are PST

Saturday, May 16th 10-11:30am Teleclass Week 1
Tuesday, May 19th
7:30-8:30pm Teleclass Week 1 Follow-UP Coaching Call
Saturday, May 23rd 10-11am Teleclass Week 2
Tuesday, May 26th 7:30-8:30pm Teleclass Week 2 Follow-UP Coaching Call
Saturday, May 30th 10-11am Teleclass Week 3
Tuesday, June 2nd 7:30-8:30pm Teleclass Week 3 Follow-UP Coaching Call
Saturday, June 6th 10-11am Teleclass Week 4
Tuesday, June 9th 7:30-8:30pm Teleclass Week 4 Follow-UP Coaching Call
Saturday, June 13th 10-11am Teleclass Week 5
Tuesday, June 16th 7:30-8:30pm Teleclass Week 5 Follow-UP Coaching Call

Plus the following bonuses…

  1. 30 min FREE 1on1 laser coaching creative rut buster session with Raeeka.
    (Available only to the FIRST 5 People who sign up only)
  2. One digital copy of my “DESIGN YOUR CREATIVE LIFE AND CAREER” visualization product as your personal prepaudition/ pre-presentation /pre-creation pep-talk.

All of this is on the phone and from the convenience of your home/office.
Limits on price only for today and the only time this class will be offered at this price.


Creating with Confidence made me a stronger performer because I discovered I have choices rather than obligations.”
Vivian S. Millan


I highly recommend Creating with Confidence programs. It will completely reset your mindset.”
Kimberly Flynn

“After taking Raeeka’s courses I learned I didn’t need permission to sing, audition, or perform. I recommend Creating with Confidence, I say do it! You must talk about the things that frighten and worry you. Creating with Confidence’s style/method of work is all encompassing and will help you more than you know!
Tim Eischens

“Before working with Raeeka I would let my negative, critical thoughts sabotage my performance. If you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities that Creating with Confidence can illuminate, you will find the power to overcome whatever is holding you back.”

Claire Karoly