You know what it takes to be successful at anything you do. You must learn new skills, improve, practice, take action, and get seriously committed to becoming the BEST! And, when something isn’t working, you are not afraid to DIG in to uncover exactly what is holding you back. Well I’ll leave it at this because you are a professional artist and you know the concept of practice very well.

Imagine if you could actually take the concept of, “Being in your creative power zone” and put it into action by learning practical skills of being CONFIDENT, and understand key concepts that can catapult you into experiencing creativity, auditions, presentations, submissions even your practices in a new way so that nobody, including yourself would ever give you a comment like “not being good enough”, “not having what it takes” or “hard to work with” AGAIN.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally understand what you are doing–both consciously and unconsciously–that is holding you back from being the charismatic artist you can be and having the creative career you dream of.

Imagine what your life and artistic career will look like when you understand how to be empowered, confident, and fulfilled without having to give up your dreams or who you are.

Raeeka Yaghmai is an expert empowerment coach for fellow artists and creatives who are looking to lead their most passionate and successful life. At Creating with Confidence, she works with professionals at all stages of their careers and across disciplines. She helps her clients to get out of the own way, access their inner confidence so they can live their passion and take their talent and career to the next level.

plus How to walk confidently into an audition /interview / introductory session with your new client and give your BEST ever performance or presentation [over and over again] and seal the deal.
plus How to deflect rejection and handle a competitive field.
plus How to handle the negative thoughts (for good) that hold you back from succeeding.
plus How to reveal your unique distinction which is your artistic trademark, your uniqueness, the one that attracts the clients that will pay you big $ just to work with YOU and refer YOU.
plus How to handle those difficult conversations with your colleagues or clients and stop being a people pleaser which takes so much energy away from your creativity (the thing you are actually passionate about and WANT to focus on).
plus How to enjoy creative satisfaction while satisfying the jury, your audience or clients – WIN-WIN!
plus How to stop tiptoe-ing around difficult situations and start inspiring and leading others to all get on the same page, and get their individual needs met, which means getting paid and getting referrals more and more because you are awesome to work with.
plus How to impress audition panels, clients and your colleagues by your charisma, confidence and groundedness and make just the impression you intend to make and even take it further, inspire them to say YES without much hesitation.
plus Bottom line is that you will have the basic framework to step into your confidence, feel respected and creatively satisfied, and as a result attract just the right people to create your dream career with out needing to move mountains.

It’s not often that I make my training available for FREE.

If what you are reading resonates with you, and you are done being the one who looks at others being the "Successful Artist" and are ready to step into "BEING THE SUCCESSFUL ARTIST" yourself and the "GO TO" specialist in your field… then there is no better time than now to grab your seat…If you have friends who are on the same page you are, then ask them to join the party too.

Three SECRETS To Claim Your Creative Power Within
& Succeed At Your Artistic Career





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“Creating with Confidence made me a stronger performer because I discovered I have choices rather than obligations.”

~ Vivian S. Millan

“Before working with Raeeka I would let my negative, critical thoughts sabotage my performance. If you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities that Creating with Confidence can illuminate, you will find the power to overcome whatever is holding you back.”

~Claire Karoly
“After taking Raeeka’s courses I learned I didn’t”After taking Raeeka’s course, I learned I didn’t need permission to sing, audition, or perform. I recommend Creating with Confidence, I say do it! You must talk about the things that frighten and worry you. Creating with Confidence’s style/method of work is all encompassing and will help you more than you know!”

~Tim Eischen

“I highly recommend Creating with Confidence programs. It will completely reset your mindset.”

~Kimberly Flyn